A metahuman (Meta) is an individual who possesses a genetic trait called an M-gene that allows them to naturally develop superhuman powers and abilities. Metahumans are members of the subspecies Homo sapiens superior, an evolutionary progeny of Homo sapiens, and are considered the next stage in human evolution.

Metahumans are born with their powers, although they typically don’t manifest in the character until puberty.

Some metahumans have shown the ability to develop a secondary mutation.

Secondary Mutation is a worldwide phenomenon among Metahumans that seemed inexplicable, with some previously established Metahumans suddenly developing new or vastly expanded powers. Dr. Simian hypothesized that, since the mutant population was entering the millions at that time, metahuman physiology was responding to the need for survival. Thus in rare occasions a metahuman’s powers change or become even greater, and in rare cases they can develop a new, often unrelated ability.

The first metahumans started to appear just before world war II.

A lot of the metahumans are hiding for the humans because they are seen as trash but most of them died on a other planet called Ragmor fighting Aliens who wanted to invade Gaia.

Scientist and historians believe that the deceased Conundrum was the first metahuman. He was a evil son of a …. but he was the first in line.

The Metahumans:
Baron Tellos
The Evil Mentalist


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