Freedom Hall

Freedom Hall is the headquarters of the Freedom Force and is located in New York

Freedom Hall consists of four aboveground levels and two underground levels. Only the layout of the ground floor of the headquarters (which is largely open to the public) is well known. The remaining layout of the building is kept relatively secret as a security measure.

The ground floor of Freedom Hall features the Freedom League’s public facilities. It is largely taken up by a lobby and reception area open to the public and “staffed” around the clock by a robot receptionist named “Cynthia.” Although artificially intelligent, Cynthia is not truly sentient, but she is lifelike enough to fool casual visitors into believing she is a real, living, person.

The first level of Freedom Hall also features a public conference room and the League’s trophy room and museum, featuring displays of their cases and other items dating back to the original League. Three elevators take passengers to the other floors of the headquarters.

Freedom Hall

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