The Evil Mentalist

A genious with a brain far too big for a normal human with goggles on and laughs like a madman.


The Evil Mentalist was once a psychiatrist who probed too deeply into the mysteries of the human mind, unleashing both its untapped power and his own ruthlessness. Now he craves power and wealth, using his superior mind to commit crimes aimed at giving him lots of both. Sure, he can’t take a punch, but the heroes are going to have a devil of a time finding him and stopping him when they can’t trust their own senses or thoughts.

The Evil Mentalist is great for psychological mind-games where the heroes start to doubt their sanity much less what their senses are telling them. Some classic Evil Mentalist schemes include mind-controlling various important people (typically over the phone or radio) and using them to commit crimes; who’ll believe the victims’ stories afterwards? A variation is the mentalist commanding pets or wild animals to do his bidding (a real “cat burglar” in a Senator’s home, for example). The Evil Mentalist might attempt to capture and brainwash the heroes into serving him.

The Evil Mentalist

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