A priest who has a fouled sense of holyness


20 years ago a killer called “Reverend” claimed victims seemingly at will, taunting police and heroes with messages written in the victims’ blood. Then he simply disappeared. Now he’s back and up to his old tricks. Can a new generation of heroes stop the Reverend or is history doomed to repeat itself?

The Reverend is a sociopath who sees the present world as corrupt beyond redemption, which doesn’t stop him from fulfilling his divine mission: to save the sinners by literally cutting the evil out of them. The Reverend is a lunatic psychopath beyond the help of any psychiatrist and cannot be bargained or reasoned with; the only way to stop him is to destroy him.

The Reverend has been never caught by the authorities and he is well known all over the world, but no one knows his real identity. Who is this psycho and is he just a human? Or is he more?


Behold The Future NochdFaol