Frank de Wit

a shy kid. 16 years old. he tries to hide the fact that he is slowly transforming in living metal


orphaned at a young age. he spent most of his early years moving to one fosterparent to another with his little sister.

his latest fosternparents mainly did it for the money. they didn’t abuse frank and his sister, but that was the best thing you could say about them. needless to say it didn’t do him very good. so he is a very shy guy.

only when his sister is in play will he overcome his shyness. he has been known to fly into a rage when someone did something to his sister.

when he hit puberty something strange happend to him. beside the normal effects of puberty, he also gained in strength and resillience. the strangest thing was that some parts of him were beginning to transform in metal. not knowing what to do he tried to hide it by letting his hair grow and wear baggy clothing.

it couldn’t last of course. one time at his school, a bully tried to bully his sister and he had one of his fits and almost punched the guy into the wall. needless to say the guy was in the hospital for a long time.

Frank de Wit

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