Behold The Future

Frank his first Nemesis
Issue 5: Frank his first Nemesis
Where is my SISTER????
Issue 4: Whre is my Sister????

After reading news that his old high school was burnt down Frank looked a pictures and with the help of Mark he found a Cyborg looking guy behind the fire and smoke. As Frank went to investigate it he found out his little sister has been abducted by someone. Who?

Too many Fish
Issue 3: Too many Fish


Where are the Children
Issue 2: Where are the Children

The Heroes found a sign on Sombra Signissue2

From the Shadows
Issue 1: From the Shadows

Info of the first session held on 26 Augustus 2010

It started with our Main Characters who all have been send to a summer camp for unrailed youth. They went to a somehow big camp in the forest where they where welcomed by a few camp supervisors. The one who stood out the most was a guy who looked like a Drill Sergeant.

On the day of arrival Twan Oudstadt tried to insult the drill sergeant but he didn’t budge. At night Twan Oudstadt was taken from his bed into a secret bunker, the others saw this and where taken as well. When they all woke up they where in a room nailed to the wall by a force field, they couldn’t use their powers somehow. There was a big screen with a DNA sequence on it and there where surgeon tables with surgeon tools. A few people all geared up to operate on our young heroes took Frank de Wit and put him on a table.

After a few moments they heard a strange trembling noise from a distance. The personel including the Drill Sergeant where all surprised and started to run around to make sure they weren’t breached. Behind the doors they all heard a person scream in pain and a plop. The doors where forced open and Justicar entered the room.

Behind Justicar everyone could see he killed a few men behind the doors he blew their heads off with his tremor power. He freed the young heroes and he took them with him to Amsterdam to the Court of Independence where he talked to them and told them they have powers and that the people in the camp wanted to experiment on them and turn them into soldiers for them.

He talked to them for a while and gave them a HQ in Delft (The old Mayor house but than even bigger). All a vehicle. and a Butler.

The Young heroes went to Delft and got settled in, Twan tried to get a party started but somehow no one came to the party.

After a few days a man came by that could sense their powers and help them developing them. He could create things from thin air, a big rock or even more. The young heroes started to learn their powers.

They heard a alarm coming from their converence room, a big screen turned on and Justicar he told them about children dissapearing. The night before a girl called Colinda Bakker was taken from her home, she was one of many the last few months. After some investigation on the internet, police files and more they found out where she lives and that a boy called John Vriend was abducted not long ago as well.

The heroes went to Colinda’s house and found there was no one in there. They broke in and found black spots in Colinda’s room on the floor and a small part on the wall. After some tests they found out there was no light coming to those parts.

They had a hunch they weren’t alone so Twan Oudstadt finally found Sombra He fought against him but he lost and was knocked out in his ashes form lying on the ground. The rest tried to fight him as well but he got away as they ran outside to fight him a bunch of goons ran through the street, the Heroes fought them and won. Sombra got away in the sewers.

The heroes speedly went back to their HQ to recopuerate.

TO BE CONTINUED in the next Issue

Starting this page up
Starting this page up

I started this page up so I can add more info from time to time to create a solid and good campaign.


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